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mw Weber Architects is an architectural design firm founded in 2000 that specializes in commercial, retail, industrial, and interior project types.  The company is a full service firm experienced in programming, design, construction documents, and construction administration services.  Since inception, the firm has expanded it's portfolio by 50% each year and currently provides architectural services for new buildings, building additions, renovations, and interior projects.  it takes pride in it's success while working directly with owners, developers, property managers, public sector agencies, and contractors.

The company is located in the heart of what is referred to as the "Growing Chesterfield Valley".  The explosion of development in the area was a primary reason to move to this location and proven successful.  


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Mick is the founding member in 1999 of mw Weber Architects.

With over 35 years’ experience in the architectural field, Mick has been responsible for management, marketing, design planning, and scheduling within the firm. He has had the unique opportunity over the years to become very experienced in design, project management, and as an owners representative on large and small commercial projects. Thru the years Mick has worked with several of the governing agencies in the St. Louis and surrounding municipalities. He has assisted with rezoning, building permits, and fire district and health department approvals. The size of his firm further allows him to handle larger projects while small enough to stay involved on every project and take more of a “hands on approach”. The firm has specialized and made a conscience effort to diversify in many project types. This brings many learned experiences and unique approaches to the design and management process. Recently the company has upgraded and expanded into Green Building practices and has completed its first LEED certified project.


Mick has established many design alliances over the years with civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers. This coupled with his experience with General Contractors and the Design Build process gives his organization a working knowledge with all project delivery and construction methods.


The company's mission is a totally committed approach to service the client with integrity, creativity, and accountability.  The company's greatest strength is the ability of every staff member to put themselves in the client's situation while producing creative problem solving solutions.

mw Weber Architects is about creating a beneficial experience for all parties involved in the project.  these primary fundamentals establish trust, continued relationships, positive referrals, and the greatest value project for our client.

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